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The Cub Scout Pack, for which our Rotary Club holds their Charter, met tonight for their monthly pack meeting.

There are 110 Scouts in the Pack this year. They have sold $55,000 worth of popcorn, which is their a big fundraiser for the year. One of the Scouts has sold over $10,000  of popcorn single-handedly. Another has $1,600 in sales. That makes the Pack the eighth largest unit in United States for popcorn sales. They didn’t let the pandemic slow them down. We can be very proud of them.

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Tom graduated from Dental School at Ohio State and, while considering opening an expensive clinic, found a chance to work for the Commission Corps and go to a government sponsored dental clinic in one of the northwestern states (including Alaska).  Yep, you guessed it…he was offered a chance to work in Barrow, AK for two years. Barrow is the northernmost community on the North American continent and has a population of 2,500. This was (gasp) 41 years ago!  He jumped on the opportunity and arrived 6th October, 1980. He found that the population was 3/4 Eskimos who were mostly involved with energy and construction work. 

In Barrow, which is 336 miles north of the Arctic Circle, they had a DEW Line station (Distant Early Warning) and 2 restaurants (the better one was a Mexican restaurant). They had 2 months of darkness (from late November through February).  Tom was there for the first 6 months by himself, and then he was joined by Connie and their two boys (2 years and 6 months old) who moved into a 2 bedroom, raised house with a 120 gallon water tank that was filled by a pumper truck on demand (they did a lot of water conservation). Their transportation was a 3-wheeler that stayed around town except for an adventure where he traveled 10 miles north to Point Barrow, the actual northernmost point on the North American continent.  The weather was generally cold, with 76 degrees below zero at the coldest and a balmy springtime temp of 30 to 40 degrees when it was appropriate to wear knee-high boots whenever outside of the house due to the melting and the huge puddles.

All-in-all he was up there for 1 year and 11 months and 3 days (but who is counting?). What a great start for a wonderful career in dentistry! 

Tom’s appreciation for helping with this presentation goes out to Cathy Erichsen and to Connie, Steve and Dani Maier. Way to go, team! 

That was a great presentation, Tom!  Thanks very much!  

PS To the readers of this summary, feel free to ask Tom for details about that bone is that he’s holding in the photo.  It is the Ossik from a Walrus and has a cute poem written about it.  

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Win a 2022 Ford Maverick and a Colorado Teardrop Trailer and $5000 Cash

You’ve got a chance to win one of the first Ford Maverick trucks in Colorado along with a Colorado Teardrops camping trailer to take you on weekend adventures. This will be one of the very first Ford Mavericks in the state of Colorado. It will arrive fully decked out ready to hit the Colorado mountains for all of your adventures. It is a gorgeous Hot Pepper Red color, with the XLT luxury with the FX4 offroad package on top then we added the supercrew 4 door option to fit the whole family. Since you will also get the Colorado Teardrops camping trailer to pull behind, the Maverick comes with the Tow package and the Ford Co-Pilot 360 to see as you back up and give you all the advanced driving systems features to keep you protected and on the road.

The Colorado Teardrops trailer will be the Canyonland model which includes a structurally welded aluminum cabin with 3 layers of insulation, beautiful hand crafted light maple wood interior, table, and vent in the ceiling. Steel skid plate runs the length of the underbelly of the Canyonland providing a water barrier and cabin protection for off-road adventures. The back galley door folds up to an open cooking platform and shelving for all your utensils and spices for handy access. The Queen size sleeping area is roomy 60” X 78”. Includes Under floor storage for extra gear and bedding. Also Includes a rear galley cooler slider that fits a Yetti 45 Qt perfectly, 15″ BF Goodrich Off Road Radial T/A KO2s, and rear 2” hitch for bikes or extra camping gear. Its been optioned up with extra interior and exterior LED lighting, solar panels, water tank and on demand hot water, and roof rack for full off the grid adventures.

The Broomfield Rotary Charitable Foundation is a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit organization EIN: 11-3792261

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The Cub Scout Pack that we hold the Charter for had its first meeting of the school year the first of September and the old, pre-COVID energy is back.  They have recruited 34 new Scouts for this year so they needed to form some new Dens…which is a wonderful problem to have.  Here they are gathering around blankets that are spread out on the ground that have their Den numbers on them.  Take a look at them presenting the colors!  What a proud moment!  Some of these kiddos will be the future leaders of our country…it is fun to watch them grow and mature. 

If you want to come see them in action at one of their meetings, Gerry Case, the Chartered Organization Representative from Rotary for the Cub Scout Pack would love to meet you there and have you meet some of the leaders and some of the Scouts!

Thanks for sponsoring them!  Scout On! 

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Pete Snyder invited the CASA (Court Approved Special Advocates) folks to come to our August 25th meeting and tell us more about their organization.  They asked Pete to join them for the presentation and he proved to be the icing on the cake.  Abbie Foley, Associate Development Director, and Paige, Outlook and Recruitment Coordinator told us about the role in a troubled kid’s life that is filled by CASA volunteers. 

When the winds of chaos visit kids with problems the CASA people, the CASA volunteers and the Courts combine their talents to work out an equitable situation so that the kids can hopefully return to a functioning life.  There are 1300 CASA qualified kiddos in this district and only about 650 volunteers, so they are looking for more volunteers. 

Pete told us about the kids that he has worked with and the successes that have changed the kids lives for the better.  He explained that some kiddos require more time (to build friendships, trust and relationships) with the kids than others. 

We left the Rotary meeting with a warm feeling that some kids who would have fallen to the wayside were ‘rescued’ and went on to experience a more normal life than would have been possible before.

Our hats are off to these fine folks!!! 

For more information about CASA – please click here!

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The program for August 19th was arranged by immediate Past President Jeff Carlson.  

He invited Laura Brown, Oncology Dietitian at Good Samaritan Medical Center to speak to us about Oncology diets (with broad implications and relevance to a good all-around diet).  Her talk ranged far and wide and got some gasps and ah-ha’s from the group.  It would be impossible to summarize all that she talked about so she kindly provided us a copy of her slides.

If you are interested in seeing them contact Gerry Case and he’ll forward them to you (with Laura’s permission). We all learned a lot about the best approach how to eat to maintain the best possible health.  Laura also candidly addressed the pluses and minuses of some specific diets, like the Paleo Diet.  

Thank you Laura for the great advice (and are you sure that we can’t enjoy as much honey as we want?)!    

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Colorado weather smiled on Broomfield just in time for our 17th annual golf tournament on 31 August. Players and volunteers gathered at the Omni Interlochen Golf Course early to share some fellowship and putting practice prior to an exciting shotgun start. By the end of the day, the Sil-Terhar Motors team (men) and Dr. Mazzola’s Dream Team (women) emerged victorious but everyone, whether a player or volunteer, walked away with a smile.

The Frank Varra Memorial Golf Tournament was originally organized by Broomfield Rotary members Tom Deland, John O’Hayre, and John Abboud. All three had ties to the Police and Fire communities and fostered a great link with the Rotary to raise funds used to support families of police officers and firefighters injured or killed in the line of duty.  Annually the tournament raises about $30,000 to that end.

Frank Varra, a Rotarian and Broomfield community philanthropist and former Boulder County law enforcement officer, provided the original funding for the golf tournament in the amount of $10,000. The Varra family continues to support the tournament each year as a sponsor. Many wonderful sponsors of funds and products assisted in making the Rotary vision continue to be a reality.

Nearly half of Broomfield Rotarians participate in some way with the tournament. There are far too many to single out but co-chairs Tom Deland and John O’Hayre are appreciative for every individual’s contribution. Along with a golf committee of ten or more Rotarians, the chairmen manage sponsorships, fundraising, signage, and volunteer coordination. Broomfield Rotary’s most recent Past President Pete Snyder brought together a team of over 15 Rotarian volunteers to assist with sign-ins, breakfast set up, and other morning activities the day of the tournament.

The service our club provides to the members of the local Police and Fire Departments represents not only the very best of our club but of the Broomfield community as well. While all volunteers and participants enjoyed a lovely and fun day, the best memories stemming from the event are the emotional and heartfelt thanks our club receives from the families of our local public safety heroes. Broomfield Rotary’s hearts are big and will continue into the future to support the Police and Fire Golf Tournament to raise funds for the families of those who selflessly serve our community.

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We are honored to sponsor our local Cub Scouts, and were able to watch them get their rank advancement this past Saturday at Rotary Park at 136th & Main.

These Scouts are now Webelo II, which is the last rank that they’ll have in Cub Scouts.  Their next advancement will be when they “cross-over” to Boy Scouts early next year.  Notice that they are practicing safe-distancing and that only one den of Scouts is there at a time so-as not to have too many people in the park at one time.  

They certainly appreciate our Rotary Club’s sponsorship and we certainly appreciate being able to be a part of their life journeys.

Article & Photo Submitted by Gerry Case

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This email is being sent to all club members in the interests of soliciting volunteers for this golf tournament.

As you know, on 31 August at the Omni Interlocken Golf Course we will have our annual Police & Fire golf tournament.

We need volunteers for this major fundraising effort.  Members, member wives and others are solicited to assist.

We need volunteers for several stations on the course in various locations.

As volunteers for on-course needs, you will be out on the course in support of various aspects of the tourney.  In these positions, you should anticipate being needed from 0845 until completion of the tourney around 2pm. 

Regardless of your volunteering preferences, please contact Jeff Carlson ( or at  303-884-8089 to indicate your willingness to help.  Jeff will coordinate your assignments.

This is an important tournament that is held in an outdoors environment.  We need club members to participate as it is a major fund raiser for this most worthwhile effort, so please seriously consider helping in this event.  And as always, please bring your masks.  We will supply hand cleaners and gloves.

Volunteers Needed for 2020 Police & Fire Golf Tournament