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Fundraiser for 2023 Haiti Clean Water Mission

Michael Rowley spoke to our Broomfield Rotary Club this past December about his water project of implementing filtration buckets in Haiti. Along with Rinn United Methodist Church, they are hosting a fundraiser for breakfast burritos, for only $5 each! These burritos are great for a quick microwaveable breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and freeze well!

100% of your purchases will go to the supplies which they will take to Haiti to reduce illness and death. This group will be going to Haiti in May and will be purchasing 800 Sawyer 0.1 micron water filters to distribute to multiple villages in Haiti.

The burritos will be made and available for pick-up or delivery on February 12, 2023, by 5:00 pm. You can request to pick your burritos up at Broomfield United Methodist Church on the morning of Sunday the 12th. 

Click here to download and fill out your order, then send it to 

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Here’s an update from our local Cub Scout Pack from Gerry!

The Cub Scouts heard a veteran speak about Veterans Day and then he invited the adults who had been in the services to join him up front and the Scouts gave them hearty applause. Then all of the scouts who had just become Bobcats, meaning they were officially Scouts now because they had the first rank, were awarded the Bobcat rank and had their faces painted by their parents. They also had a chance to paint their parent’s faces in celebration. 

Finally, there was the concluding ceremony in the meeting with over 100 people gathered around the perimeter of the gym as they listened to the Cubmaster’s benediction.

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Here’s an update from our local Cub Scout Pack from Gerry!

The Cub Scout Pack has just over 100 Scouts strong this year. They’re doing well with their popcorn fundraiser. And they are very active with all of their activities and rank advancement. They are very appreciative of our Rotary Club‘s support of them. And we are very proud of them.

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Good afternoon, all. Last week, we enjoyed a great presentation by JoAnna McTevia, Certified Service and Therapy Dog trainer. Click here for a copy of her PowerPoint for your reference.

She’s always looking for volunteers and board members. If you’re interested, you can reach JoAnna at 720-550-2677 or

This week, John O’Hayre presents Chief Mark Daugherty and Pam Kutchen from North Metro Fire & Rescue. We’re expecting a guest this week (Deana Manzaneras) who was unable to attend last week. Ben will be running the meeting this Thursday. 



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Tomorrow’s speaker is presented by Ben Vagher. JoAnna McTevia will be presenting on the topic of service dogs helping veterans. Thank you, Ben!

We’re expecting a visitor tomorrow evening. Deana Manzaneras Anderson will be joining us, so please join me in giving her a warm welcome. We’ve added eight new members this year. Let’s keep it up! 

Finally, you might remember that Bal Swan had plans for a huge treehouse that was never built. You’ll be pleased to know that they ended up making the most of the stump they have by employing one of their school Dads to craft what you see in the attached photos. 

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We had a great meeting last week! Our presenter was Kibbe McGaa Brown, who has quite the family history. For a recap, check out our club news page:

For more on Kibbe, follow this link:

We also had two  fantastic guests and may have another this week! Speaking of this week, our presenter will be Bruce Stahlman, speaking on the subject of “Resilience and Optimism”. Thanks again to Bob Erichsen for arranging for our presentation. 

I’d also like to pass along this message from Linda Deland about Tom…

Rotary friends of Tom Deland.  The cemetery burial for Tom was a private service but I recognize many of you would like to visit him.  He would love you stopping by for a visit/chat!

Tom is buried in the Louisville Cemetery (2105 Empire Rd., Louisville). His plot is between Block 32 and 31.  He’s right off the car path to the right as you’re headed west.  I do have a temporary plaque with his picture and a wind chime on his plot so you will easily find him. 

Thanks everyone for visiting Tommy!  

Thanks, and I hope to see you on Thursday.

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Offered by: Kibbe Brown

Last Thursday we were visited by Kibbe Brown, a 4th generation descendant of William McGaa (he was born in 1824 and married to a Native American woman from the Oglala band of the Lakota).  His family was the first family in Denver. 

She gave a wonderful presentation about her family’s role in developing the Denver area, including her great-grandfather’s naming the streets in downtown Denver. Her family was also involved with the oldest cemetery in Larimer County. 

Kibee is a Rotarian from Hill City, South Dakota, and is a registered dietitian for the Indian Health Service.

For more information on her check with Bob Erichsen or Gerry Case.

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First, our presenter this week is none other than Jerry Miller, who will be presenting on the Charles Manson case. Not for the faint of heart!

Next, I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be voting on a potential new member. Jack Castellano, who has visited us a couple of times, has expressed interest in joining us! 

I mentioned last week that there is an upcoming “Rotary 101” training session coming up on 4/26. Details and registration are available via the link below.—webinar-3

I also learned recently that there are a wide variety of fellowships available through Rotary. They even have one for whiskey. Check it out here:

See you Thursday!


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Members of the Morning and Evening Broomfield Rotary Clubs gather to distribute 386 Flowering Plants to local Seniors. (Photo by Gerry Case)

At the conclusion of the Colorado Garden and Home Show this year, many Denver Area Rotary Clubs came together and with the help of several Boy Scout Troops, gathered all of the flowering plants that were in good shape.  The purpose of this effort was to place these flowers in the hands of Seniors throughout the greater Denver area.  This year 7810 flowers were gathered and distributed …creating 7810 huge, happy smiles. 

In Broomfield, the Evening Rotary Club distributed 208 Flowering plants to the residents of Maryel Manor, Salvation Army’s Silver Crest, Broomfield Skilled Nursing Facility, Broomfield Senior Center, and Meals-on-Wheels.  The Morning Rotary Club delivered 178 Flowering plants to other facilities in the area, including Balfour Retirement Community, to bring the total number of Flowering plants distributed in this  area this year to 386 plants

The Rotary Club is looking for more sites that would be interested in receiving flowers for seniors next year at the conclusion of the Colorado Garden and Home Show.  For additional information, contact Gerry Case, Rotarian, at (303) 618-0104. 

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Last week, we were visited by Mike Litzau from the Arvada Sunrise Club. Mike shared his club’s fundraising effort to benefit the people of Ukraine. A copy of his handout is attached here in case you’d like to get involved. 

For those of you who couldn’t attend, Linda Deland presented briefly on the Police and Fire Golf Tournament. Please mark your calendars for 7/11/2022, and please reach out to Linda with any questions. 

This week, our speaker is Kermit Shields, who will be discussing the history of Dinosaur Ridge

I hope to see you Thursday!