Broomfield Rotary is a Proud Affiliate of Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.
We Partnered With the City of Broomfield to Bring Free Books to Children From Birth to Age 5

Just Imagine

Imagine if every child in Broomfield entered school with a love of reading and ready to learn. The Broomfield Rotary is partnering with local individuals and businesses to achieve just that by bringing Dolly Parton's Imagination Library to Broomfield Colorado. From birth until a child's 5th birthday, children enrolled in the program receive a new, age-appropriate book mailed to their home every month. By the time these children enter kindergarten, they have their own library of books, are more prepared to enter school, and excited about reading. All families in Broomfield with children birth to age five are eligible to enroll.


Be an Imagination Library Sponsor

By raising $25,000, we can offer Imagination the Library program to all children under five in Broomfield.  A mere $25 will ensure that a local child receives a free book delivered to their home every month for an entire year.

Help Us Reach Our Goal of $25,000.00

Current Donations $8,000.00     

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Our Supporters

READING BUDDIES ($100 Donation)
  1. Jeff Carlson
  2. Linda Wilson
  3. Anonymous Donor
  4. Steve & Kelly Horace
  5. Robert Byrnes
  6. Larry Haas
STORY TELLERS ($300 Donation or $25/month)
  1. Ben Vagher
  2. Dott Moyer
  3. Dennis & Linda Kennedy
  4. Robert Sauer
  5. Anonymous
  6. Kurt Sava
  7. Richard & Anne Auerbach
LIBRARIANS ($600 Donation or $50/month)
  1. Pete Snyder
SPONSORS ($1200 Donation or $100/month)
  1. William Sheridan
  2. Dennis Kennedy
  3. Sauer Properties LLC

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has touched the lives of countless families, and parents have shared their heartfelt experiences. Here are some testimonials:

  •  Marisa Connors: We LOVED this program! There were real tears when our daughter aged out. Thank you to the Rotary for supporting it! ❤ Even as avid readers and big library users, we were delighted to discover so many additional new-to-us books, some of which became childhood favorites.
  • A foster parent expressed their gratitude: “Awesome program! I am a foster parent, and all of my kids love when books come in the mail. Some of them have never held a book or been read to before coming into my home. Your support is a great asset. Thank you!” 
  • Adrian, a mother, shared her joy: “Not only does my daughter, Lila, love receiving mail, but obtaining new books through the Imagination Library has been a delightful experience. It’s a wonderful way to nurture her love for reading.”
  • My little one loves getting her books in the mail!
  • Marisa Burgener Connors, This is an amazing program for ALL children under 5. We are avid readers and found so many great new-to-us books through the program! For those ages, receiving something in the mail is a big deal. There were real tears when the final book arrived!!
  • Lauren Mundt, My youngest loves getting her "Dolly book" every month!!
  • Kate Neary, We love our books every month! It’s the best program!
  • Lindsey Hall, My kids have done this. My youngest just turned 5 and we have so many books.
  • Liz Hamel, Registered, thank you for doing this.