Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart, (Our Presenter on 4/18/24) is the owner and president of Stewart Environmental Consulting Group, LLC. from the city of Fort Collins, Stewart possesses a doctorate in environmental engineering from Colorado State University, showcasing his expertise in the field. With an extensive career spanning across the nation, he has dedicated his efforts to various water-related projects. Furthermore, his involvement in the Fort Collins Water Board and active membership in the Rotary Club exemplify his commitment to community engagement.
In the captivating YouTube video, it covered the pressing issues that plague the Colorado River. It delves into the scarcity of water within the river, the vast range of uses it serves, and the potential solutions to mitigate these challenges. Dave's comprehensive analysis meticulously explores the multifaceted effects that proposed solutions may have. It is undeniable that certain uses will need to be curtailed, necessitating increased conservation efforts and innovative strategies.
The success of Dave's presentation was evident in the substantial attendance and the enthusiastic participation of the audience. His profound insights sparked numerous inquiries from those present, further highlighting the impact of his expertise. 
The video concludes with the suggestion that Rotary’s 4-Way Test can provide a framework for arriving at the compromises that will be necessary.

 Tom Mahoney

Tom Hahoney kindly reminded everyone that today, April 20, 2024, marks the beginning of the Broomfield Spring Cleanup program. During this important initiative, Tom took a moment to express gratitude to ARC for their significant role in ensuring the program’s success and for their significant support to Broomfield Rotary. Additionally, he emphasized the crucial contribution of the Broomfield Rotary in establishing this city-wide effort.

Furthermore, Tom will continue to provide breakfast to the hardworking ARC workers each weekend throughout this year. However, he is reaching out to the younger members of the Rotary Club, seeking their assistance in continuing this valuable tradition next year.

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