Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Is Now Available Everywhere in Broomfield.

 Rotary now partners with the Broomfield Library and the Dolly Parton Imagination Library to provide brand new, age-appropriate books to all young children in Broomfield! At no cost to families, children in the program receive one book in the mail each month until they reach the age of five. With this gift, they are more likely to enjoy reading and be excited about books and learning. We need your support to be able to provide his opportunity to all children under five in Broomfield. 
  • Over 5000 kids under 5 live in Broomfield
  • The Imagination Library mails over 2 million books to children every month.
  • 16% of the books are either fully bilingual Spanish-English or include Spanish-language content.
  • 85% of the books include parent reading tips and activities.
  • Rotary offers the Imagination Library to all children under 5 in Broomfield.
  • Broomfield Rotary and the State of Colorado pay approximately $25.00 per year for each child enrolled in the library.

Click Here to Learn More and Help Us Reach Our Goal to Enroll Every Eligible Child.

By raising $25,000, we can offer the Imagination Library program to all children under five in Broomfield. A mere $25 will ensure that a local child receives a free book delivered to their home every month for an entire year. Let’s make a difference together!