Oct 6

Bill U, Bob Edmonson, Larry and Julie Kauffman (DE), Jeff Dowd, Jay Lach Morning Club


Tom M, Bob And Cathy Erichsen (DE) Connie R, Dave M, Bob S, Laurie Stewart Morning Club

Oct 20

John O, Jeff, Angie Carlson (DE) Paul and Marth Derda, Dave Shinneman, Anna Clouse Morning club

Oct 27

Pete and Linda Snyder, Bob H, Gary Francis (DE), Carol Dankey, Kathy Snyder, Morning Club

Nov 3

Tom M, Tom G  and Jacque Brewer, Larry and Mary Haas(DE), Leland Frank, Morning Club

Nov 10

Bill U, Bob E, Kurt(DE) and Julie Sava, Gerry Case (half day), Bob Davis, Rob Balzano Morning club

Nov 17

Pete and Linda Snyder, Connie R, Larry and Julie Kauffman (DE),Mark and Jacque Russell, Morning Club

Nov 24 – Thanksgiving

John O, Bob H, Bob and Cathy Erichson (DE) , Tore A, Glen H Morning Club

Dec 1

Tom M, Jeff, Angie(DE), Tom D, Gerry and Liz Kelly Morning Club

Dec 8

Pete and Linda Snyder, Kurt (DE) Julie Save, Tom G, Jacque Brewer, Kathy Snyder Morning Club

Dec 15

John O, Larry and Mary Haas(DE), Bob Hoyle, Rick Simmons, Bob Sauer, Anna Clouse Morning Club

Dec 22

Bill U, Bob E, Gary Francis(DE) Bob Davis, Jay Lach, Laurie Stewart Morning Club

Dec 29

Tom M, Connie R, Larry and Julie Kauffman (DE)., Dave M, Rob B Morning club

RED= Cannot work as scheduled John O out 9/29, 10/6, 10/13
Pere out: 11/24, 12/1
Gerry case only half days
Gary Francis out 1st 2 week of Oct, would like Oct 27th, Nov 24th, Dec 22nd or 29th.
Mary and Larry: 1/5-12-19-26, and 2/2

Data Entry (DE) people: Mary Haas, Angie Carlson, Cathy Erichson, Gary Francis, Kurt Sava, Julie Kauffman

Callers: Connie R, Bob Edmonson, Bob Hoyle, Tom Gaines, Jeff Carlson

Workers: Tore A, Rick B, Bob Davis, Tom Deland, Laurie Stewart, Jay Lach, Paul and Marth D, Leland Frank, Carol Dankey, Anna Clouse, Larry Haas, Larry Kauffman, Glen Hoff, Gerry and Liz Kelly, Kathy Snyder, Dave M, Jeff Dowd, Mark and Jacque, Bob Sauer, Gerry Case, Julie Sava, Dave Shinneman, Rick Simmons, Rob Balzano