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Healthy Learning PathsFor the last 9 years, I have served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Frank Shorter RACE4Kids’ Health Event that benefits Healthy Learning Paths. Healthy Learning Paths teaches skills for mental, physical, and emotional fitness through “Healthy Learning Kids”, an evidence-based health education curriculum that is taught in our local schools. (See About Health Learning Paths and Race Photos)

We are a few short weeks away from the time that I need to communicate back to my volunteers with the description of their volunteer assignments. Our Rotary Club has always provided great support for this event and this year is no exception. As the event grows each year, there is an ever-increasing need for volunteers like yourselves. I am therefore sending this Email to Rotary members that I don’t remember soliciting a response from at one of our recent Rotary meetings. I still have a number of unstaffed assignments that I could use your assistance with.

The Frank Shorter RACE4Kids’ Health Event is held at Broomfield’s 1St Bank Center on Sunday, April 8th. The time of each volunteer commitment will vary with the task assigned, but all tasks are over by noon. Volunteers will receive a written description of their assignment about two weeks before the event. It will include everything you will need to know about your assigned task including contact information for your Race Day Captain, should you have any additional questions.

If you and/or your spouse would be able to help, simply click here and fill out the form to let us know! Your support would be greatly appreciated.

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April 1st Easter

April 8th
Tracey and Cory A, Bill U, Bob Edmonson©, Tore A, Steve Carlson, Bob Sauer, Howard and Judy shuster

April 15th
John and Marian Abboud, Tom M, Tom G© lew and Amy Moir, Paul Derda, Larry and Mary Haas

April 22
John and Marian Abboud, John O , Bob Hoyle © , Glen Hoff, Dave Shinneman, Jim Richards, Lauren R, Rick Simmons

April 29
John O , Pete and Linda Snyder, Jeff Carlson ©, Bob Davis, Lou Ann, Larry and Julie Kauffman, Steve Carlson

May 6
John and Marian A, Tom M , Connie R©, bob sauer, Gary Francis, Kurt and Julie Sava

May 13
Tracey, Bill U, Pete Snyder, Bob E ©, Lew & Amy Moir, Clark Greip Dave Manley, Lauren R

May 20
John O, Tom M, Bob Hoyle ©, Tom Deland , Paul Derda, Rick Bishop, Tore A, Tony and Tamara Stubbs

May 27 Memorial Weekend
John and Marian A, John O, Tom G ©, Tony and Tamara Stubbs, Larry and Mary Haas

June 3
Tom M, Bill U , Pete, Jeff Carlson © needs switched, Bob Sauer, Mark and Jacque Russell, Steve Carlson, Jim Richards

June 10
John O, Tracey, connie R ©,Bob Davis, Dave Shinneman, Glen Hoff, Clark G, NEED 2

June 17
John and Marian A, Pete and Linda Snyder, Bob H©, Kurt & Julie Sava, Howard and Judy Shuster

June 24
John and Marian A, Bill U, Bob E ©, Gary Francis, Dave Manley, Lou ann, Mark and Jacque Russell

Kim out April-June
John A: out april 1st and July 1st
Tracey: Out April 8th, May 27th, June 3, 17, 24, July 1-22nd.
Pete: out Mar 30-April 23, may 20-27

Colorado Garden and Home Show Flower Dstribution

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It’s about that time again! Time to collect flowering plants at the conclusion of the Colorado Garden & Home Show at the Colorado Convention Center on Sunday, MARCH 4th and DISTRIBUTE them the next morning, Monday, MARCH 5th.


Monday, MARCH 5th, we will meet at McDonald’s at 1250 East 1st Avenue, Broomfield (near 120th and Sheridan) between 8:00 to 8:15am to DISTRIBUTE the plants to Maryel Manor, Salvation Army’s Silver Crest, Broomfield Skilled Nursing Center, the Broomfield Senior Center and Meals-on-Wheels. It will take less than 2 hours to distribute the flowers. Remember, each flowering plant delivered brings a big smile to the face of the recipient! And those smiles are wonderful!!!

Everyone is welcome, and registration is not required, but it would be appreciated if you’d send an email to Gerry Case or call him at (303) 618-0104 and tell him how many to expect. If you’ve already signed up at the meeting then you’ve done everything that you need to do.

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Dear District 5450 Rotarians,

Registration is open for two major events – flyers can be downloaded here:
2018 Presidents Dinner Flyer

SOS Luncheon 2017 Symposium Schedule

Annual State of the State Luncheon & Mental Health Symposium
Thursday, December 7, 2017

Speakers include Governor John Hickenlooper and Susan Klebold, mother of Dylan Klebold, one of the two Columbine shooters. A Mental Health Well-Being Symposium will preceed the luncheon. For more information and registration go to

RI President’s Dinner and Polio Fundraiser
Saturday, January 6, 2018

Speakers include RI President Ian Riseley and Rachel Lonsdale, Senior Program Officer with the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation. This event has sold out the past two years, so register early. All net proceeds and your donations will go to the End Polio Now campaign and will be matched 2:1 by the Gates Foundation. For more information and registration go to

Rotary Logo

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On May 25th, 2017 our Rotary Club was visited by Sgt. John “Jack” Ryland Thurman and his daughter, Commander Karen Thurman, USN, NC. Jack talked about being part of the first wave of Marines to land on Iwo Jima during WWII. He gave a most memorable talk that had us all spellbound. He was part of the 5th Marine Division, 27th Regiment. His story began when they were about to land using Steel Amtracs. The Amtracs on the left and right of Jack’s Amtrac were hit by mortars and all 50 men on each vessel were killed outright…making the water that Jack’s group waded through on the way to the beach red with their blood.

He spent the next ½ hour talking about the tremendous firepower of the “Japs” and the tenacity and drive of the Marines whose mission was to take Iwo Jima. He also detailed his experiences entering the caves and tunnels and confronting a Japanese soldier. He then talked about one of the most celebrated Marines in his unit, Ira Hayes, the famous Navajo Code Talker, who was part of raising the Flag over Iwo Jima.

At the end of his talk all of the Rotarians rose to their feet simultaneously and gave him a standing ovation. Jack’s response was, “Semper Fi”!

Thank you Jack and Karen for coming to our meeting and sharing Jack’s incredible story with us.


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Thursday, August 17th, was the annual meeting scheduled to recognize and celebrate this year’s District Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) participants.

The two one week sessions are held at the YMCA facility in Estes Park and host approximately 350 high school juniors and seniors from Colorado, Nebraska, Idaho, and Wyoming all sponsored by local Rotary Clubs for a week of intense leadership training and fun.

Information about the program is available on the District RYLA website:

Following dinner each of the students present introduced their parents and family members and gave a brief summary of the highlights of their week in June in Estes Park. No one was bored, everyone came back exhausted, all came away with leadership tools and lasting friendships.


The first week attendees shown here are, from left to right:

Areli Sanchez-Junior at The Academy of Charter Schools, Anna Richards-Junior at Peak To Peak Charter School, Chloe Wolz-Junior at Broomfield High School, Amanda Thai-Senior at The Academy of Charter Schools


The second week attendees shown are, from left to right:

Kelly Song- Junior at Peak To Peak Charter School, Naomi Burns-Junior at Peak To Peak Charter School, Andres Ocampo-Junior at Broomfield High School, Eddy Frisk-Junior at Holy Family High School, Kyle Bradley-Junior at Arvada West High School

Not able to attend on the 17th:

Bryan Lucchesi-Senior at Broomfield High School

Kevin Chen-Senior at Peak To Peak Charter School

Amanda Warner-Junior at The Academy of Charter Schools

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Here is a note we received recently from Rick Clark, Secretary at the Rotary Club of Littleton

Many, many thanks to you and all the members at Broomfield Rotary! We received the generous $550.00 check from your foundation last week and our Littleton Rotary Foundation has deposited into the Rotary Peak funding account they set up.

Our efforts as Trail Stewards at the trail head on Loveland Pass are a total success. We are thanked repeatedly by visitors for the information we provide and the fact that there is someone up there to answer questions. Cyclists are especially grateful that we offer to have them top off their water bottles from our 5gal ice water cooler. In addition to the public service trail map we provide those interested in hiking on the west side of the pass, we give a commemorative “I Climbed Rotary Peak” button pin to those that complete the hike to the summit. Everyone has been so appreciative and happy to learn more about Rotary.

We are encouraging any Rotarians who have 2 to 4 hours to spare to spend time at the trail head as a Rotary Trail Steward. All they need do is contact me or Jim Brook, and we’ll gladly provide them with all the information and materials necessary. It’s easy and rewarding way to greet the public, be helpful, and tell more of the Rotary Story to those who often have no idea what Rotary is.

Please share this email with any in your club that may want become involved. I’ll do my best to accompany any of your members who want to serve up there and help them get comfortable in this easy and fun activity. The very best times are first thing in the morning, but any time will work as does any day of the week.

Thanks again, Tom. Best to you all,

Click here to learn more about the Rotary Peak


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This Friday from 1 PM to 3 PM, we will prepare bikes for distribution on Saturday at the Single Mothers United event at the Refuge. Friday’s work session will be held at the storage unit #22 at Broomfield Mini Storage, 11891 Teller Street, Broomfield. We be selecting the appropriate bikes from our inventory to be given away, doing a final inspection of tires and safety checks and loading them into a trailer for transport on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning’s event is at The Refuge, 6900 W. 117th Ave, Broomfield. We will start setting up at 9:00 AM for a 10:30 AM event. We are hoping for good weather as the plan is to be in the parking lot of the Refuge. The request is for 27 bikes for ages from 3 to 16 years old. We need workers for fitting helmets, getting waivers and moving bikes. Should be done by noon.

I am unable to attend this weeks Rotary meeting but Clayton Shearer, co-chair of the bike committee will be there to sign up volunteers. Please see Clayton at the meeting or RSVP me to sign up!


Bob Edmondson

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Bob Erichsen - Ken Hoyle AwardBob Erichsen was awarded our Club’s coveted Ken Hoyle Award for Rotary Year 2015-2016.

The award commemorates Bob’s hard work and great attitude on behalf of our Rotary Club. The Ken Hoyle Award has been awarded yearly since Ken Hoyle, a Charter Member of our Club, passed away in 2001. Ken was a tireless and relentless worker and ambassador for Rotary. Each year the Club singles out a Rotarians for their service and designates them as the Rotarian of the Year.

Previous recipients include: Vic Boccard, Bob Davenport, Carl Sauerland, John Santoro, Lew Moier, Gerry Case, Tom Mahoney, Vance Rasmussen, John O’Hayre and John Abboud.

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It was reported in the news today that Cody Oser was reported dead in Panama. Cody was a boy from Broomfield that attended Broomfield High School and Colorado State University. He graduated last spring with an Engineering degree in Civil Engineering. While at CSU, Cody was actively involved in the Engineers Without Borders organization. He served as Project Manager for our Rotary La Criba Water Project for his last two years at CSU. After graduation, Cody joined the United States Peace Corp. Cody spoke to our Rotary Club several times about his involvement in bringing fresh water to the small village of La Criba in northern El Salvador. It was with a very sad heart that we learn of his death. He was a committed young man that only wished to bring peace and good will to the world. We will miss him.

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