Cub Scout Meeting – 10/6/2021

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The Cub Scout Pack, for which our Rotary Club holds their Charter, met tonight for their monthly pack meeting. There are 110 Scouts in the Pack this year. They have sold $55,000 worth of popcorn, which is their a big fundraiser for the year. One of the Scouts has sold over $10,000  of popcorn single-handedly…. Read more »

Tom Maier’s Presentation on Barrow, AK

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Tom graduated from Dental School at Ohio State and, while considering opening an expensive clinic, found a chance to work for the Commission Corps and go to a government sponsored dental clinic in one of the northwestern states (including Alaska).  Yep, you guessed it…he was offered a chance to work in Barrow, AK for two… Read more »

Update from Cub Scouts – September 2021

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The Cub Scout Pack that we hold the Charter for had its first meeting of the school year the first of September and the old, pre-COVID energy is back.  They have recruited 34 new Scouts for this year so they needed to form some new Dens…which is a wonderful problem to have.  Here they are… Read more »

CASA’s Presentation – August 25, 2021

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Pete Snyder invited the CASA (Court Approved Special Advocates) folks to come to our August 25th meeting and tell us more about their organization.  They asked Pete to join them for the presentation and he proved to be the icing on the cake.  Abbie Foley, Associate Development Director, and Paige, Outlook and Recruitment Coordinator told… Read more »

Good Samaritan Medical Center Presentation – August 19, 2021

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The program for August 19th was arranged by immediate Past President Jeff Carlson.   He invited Laura Brown, Oncology Dietitian at Good Samaritan Medical Center to speak to us about Oncology diets (with broad implications and relevance to a good all-around diet).  Her talk ranged far and wide and got some gasps and ah-ha’s from the group…. Read more »

Wrap Up from 2020 Broomfield Fire & Police Golf Tournament

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Colorado weather smiled on Broomfield just in time for our 17th annual golf tournament on 31 August. Players and volunteers gathered at the Omni Interlochen Golf Course early to share some fellowship and putting practice prior to an exciting shotgun start. By the end of the day, the Sil-Terhar Motors team (men) and Dr. Mazzola’s… Read more »

Rank Advancement for Cub Scouts

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We are honored to sponsor our local Cub Scouts, and were able to watch them get their rank advancement this past Saturday at Rotary Park at 136th & Main. These Scouts are now Webelo II, which is the last rank that they’ll have in Cub Scouts.  Their next advancement will be when they “cross-over” to… Read more »