Club Meeting - February 8., 2024  
Paige Otto,  DASA
by Robert Hoyle
     Our program Thursday, February 8th was Paig Otto the  Community Engagement Manager for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) for the 17th Judicial District that is composed of Adams and Broomfield Counties.
     CASA's stated mission is " To provide court-appointed volunteer advocacy for children and youth from the child welfare system so every child can be safe, have a permanent home, and have the opportunity to thrive."
     Paige started her comments by thanking our Club for the grant CASA received earlier this year and expressed their thanks for the support, Rotary and its individual members continue to provide.  Several Rotary members have served as CASA volunteers, most especially our Past President Pete Snyder who is a bit of a legend as a long time CASA volunteer.
     Paige noted that approximately 500 children (18 or younger) in Adams and Broomfield counties were represented by CASA volunteers in 2023.  However, there were several hundred more they weren't able to work with because of lack of volunteers.  There is a particular need for men and bi-lingual adults.  
     Paige answered questions about the training program provided before the court will accept volunteers into the program.  She also emphasized the support team involved including trained case workers and attorneys that deal with the legal, medical, and support programs available through the court system.  
     The CASA volunteer is principally charged to communicate the needs they see lacking in the child's environment, including schooling, to their case worker.  Visits at least twice a month with the child are usually the norm.
     Paige also noted the increased problem with school truancy in that 1 in 4 students are reported to be chronically truant since the end of the COVID zoom days.
CASA has been asked to support the courts and assign volunteers to work with these students.  This is a new area for CASA in 2024.
     Paige asked the members to consider attending CASA's annual Light-of-Hope fundraising luncheon scheduled for April 11th at the Omni Interlocken Hotel.  The events always include inspiring stories about how CASA Volunteers make a difference in the lives of children and families.
Linda Kennedy, Imagination Library
During our Thursday evening gathering, we also had the pleasure of listening to Linda Kennedy. Linda brought together a team of committed volunteers who are actively working to encourage registrations for our Imagination Library Program.  This is her summary presentation to our members.
A small but motivated and dedicated group met on January 29, 2024, to plan how we will enroll Broomfield’s 0–5-year-old children in the Imagination Library. We have designed bookmarks for parents and donors, which we will distribute after our next meeting. Additionally, we recognize the need to fund this project through Rotary without diverting resources from other causes. During our Thursday evening meeting, I encouraged members to sign up on the Rotary website for a recurring monthly donation of $25.00. This contribution will fully meet our expectations.
If you haven’t already signed up, please take a moment to visit and scroll down past the Corvette to find the Imagination Library Donation Button. Thank you to those who have already committed to bringing books into children’s homes. Studies indicate that these kids will be better prepared for kindergarten, reading at or above grade level, and achieving success throughout their school years.
Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 26, at 6:30 PM at my home: Linda Kennedy 1410 Foxtail Drive, Broomfield
If you’re interested in helping us sign up families and donors, please join us. You can reach me at:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 720-935-5112"
Thank you for your dedication to this important cause.
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