First a Bravo to the Broncos for their win on Sunday. I realize it doesn't mean we'll have a winning season, but it is Sunday afternoon football and as a fan I will be there. In addition, one of my son's has been the stage manager for CBS for 25 years and stands close to the Coash and the players. Oftentimes he shares with me the 'real dope' of why plays happen and who fell down on the job. So, I'll take the win and pray our defense can keep the Chiefs off the field. next Sunday,

Beginning in 1970 when Monday night football began to air, Broomfield had to make some changes. And I thought this small chapter of Broomfield History may lighten up some of the previous chapters I've written about on more serious topics, like on Rocky Flats.

In my research on Monday night football, I learned many reasons how it came into being and its effects on Broomfield.

In the early 60s Pete Rozelle the NFL Commissioner envisioned the possibility of playing at least one game weekly during prime time for a larger audience. Friday nights were ruled out as so many communities had high school games and Saturday afternoons were set aside for college games.

As an experiment, Pete Rozelle scheduled Monday night prime time games on CBS in the 1966-67 season. Followed by NBC in 1968-69 scheduling the American Football League on Monday nights.

In 1970 the completion of the merger of the NFL and the AFL was finalized. This coincided with negotiations of new television contracts. Pete Rozelle offered all 3 networks the opportunity to bid for Monday night football. Some of the networks were reluctant to give up their prime-time slot, to televise only one football competition shown nationally. NBC and CBS were reluctant to move their heavily favored programs on Monday nights, and so by default ABC was given the contract to air, nationally, Monday night football.

They held this contract until 2005. Despite its popularity, ABC lost millions of dollars in the '90s and 2000s.

Broomfield in the 70s was still a small town, maybe population at the most of 10,000, I guess. Our city council had four wards, represented by two elected councilmen each and the mayor. They met twice a month on Monday nights. That is until Monday night football began to air. By then there was increased absent council people on Monday night. Many valid excuses were given for members not being present. With no apparent reason, a motion was brought forward to change council meetings from Monday nights to Tuesday nights. However, we all figured it out what was behind this change in time and day.

It's ok, I guess, but was their heart into serving the community and sacrificing watching Monday night football or serving the community?

Celebrate today and remember we are here to walk each other home.

PS In 1968 with three small children and George studying for his master's at DU, I decided to run for city council from Ward one. First woman to attempt this. I lost by 4 votes. I could have asked for a recount however with 3 small sons and a husband in school, I did not.