Our 5450 District Governor Jim Johnston visited our club on Thursday, September 14th.  It was an    opportunity to introduce himself and give us updates on projects that are being introduced and worked on during his tenure. Jim belongs to the Denver “31” Rotary Club and has been active for several years.  He promoted our District Convergence that has been moved up to a one-day event on September 30th – I have included Jim’s message!  I would recommend signing up and attending this one-day convergence.   
Like many of you, I joined Rotary appreciative that it is a service organization holding regular meetings attended by an immense web of good people along with business networking and educational speakers.
Since the earliest days of Rotary in Chicago, service has been a focus, and it is this element of Rotary that we often first mention when describing our affiliation. For this reason, our upcoming fall district conference will be a Convergence of great ideas and conversations entirely focused on service projects
Our projects are my greatest point of pride in Rotary. It is why many of our newest members choose to be members. Yet sometimes I see that our clubs struggle a bit with service. It can be hard to keep a project going and perpetually communicate the impact we aim to achieve. Inspiring members to take on an additional project can be a challenge. How do we get volunteers to say, “Yes!” and help out? Have you considered cooperating with a Rotary club in another country but don’t know how? What about leveraging results by working with partner organizations?  
These are examples of the discussions we will have at the Convergence on September 30th. Dan Himelspach, our Rotary Zone Director and Denver Mile High Rotarian, will open the event with a keynote address, then breakout sessions and lunch will fill the day. We’ll conclude by experiencing a “café” where the amuse-bouche will service ourselves and each other. 
I sincerely hope that you will take a close look at your calendar and choose to register for the event.  
September 30, 2023 | 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Front Range Community College, Westminster