Andrew Litman, Haley Litman, Dave Ellen
During our weekly meeting, Dave Ellen introduced us to Andrew Litman and Haley Litman. They are representatives of the I Choose You Ministry, which provides support to marginalized people living in the outskirts of Mbale, Uganda, specifically in a slum area called Namatala. The people living in this area are forced to scavenge through trash piles for food, and many of the children are abandoned or orphaned, putting them at high risk of disease, AIDS, starvation, or even turning to a life of crime. The goal of the I Choose You Ministry is to provide students with school uniforms, fees, and supplies, as well as food, hygiene supplies, and medical treatment.

Club President Ben Vagher receives a donation from Pack 545 member Annabell Lockley
---Gerry Chase receives a special recognition award for his long service to the Scouts from Mary Hoyland.
Gerry Case introduced us to Mary Hoyland, the Cub Scout Pack 545 Committee Chair and Dave Lockley, the Cubmaster and Annabell is his daughter.  During our meeting, Annabell, presented Broomfield Rotary with a donation check for $1,448.34; the proceeds raised from their pancake breakfast event.  Mary Hoyland also honored Gerry with a pin to thank him for his many years of service to the Cub Scouts.

Dennis Kennedy, a member of Broomfield Rotary, discussed the clubs strategic plan priorities along with our efforts to establish a satellite club that will focus on increasing membership and contributions to our Imagination Library program. Currently we have around 260 students enrolled in the program and there are about close to 2,000 students eligible.   
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