A prayer that my father wrote.  My Dad was a Rotarian in Penfield NY, a suburb of Rochester.  This club gave their gifts as well as their hearts forming and performing for many groups and veteran's hospitals in the area. He was a gifted musician and along with playing a mean piano, he also played the trombone.  
The funny part of it is, he never read music and would have to listen to the other trombonists one time to memorize it.  His mother was a concert pianist and after arriving from Italy, she performed in and around New York City. He sat under the piano as a toddler while she practiced for concerts and gained a depth of music that touched the soul.
Along with donating his time in the Penfield Rotary Club Band, he read a prayer each week to start their meeting.  
I ran across one of them the other day and thought of our club.
Hear our prayer, Oh Lord
Our father, we would be worthy stewards in thy sight.  We would give of our means, our time, our love, to serve thee and our fellowmen.
Help us, we pray, that this be not lip service alone, but true workable service, wholly acceptable unto thee.
Oh God, hear our prayer.  Amen