Last Thursday, we had the honor of discovering Revital Colorado, founded by Gordon Long. In September 2020, Gordon established Revital Colorado’s 501©(3) to address the mental health and well-being of our first responders.

Jordan and his wife, Kym, personally faced the physical and mental challenges inherent in their roles, including relationship issues and alcohol-related struggles. Shockingly, statistics related to first responders’ mental health reveal that there is a suicide every 8 hours, and the average life expectancy after retirement is a mere 18 months.

After grappling with their own difficulties for several years, Jordan and Kym recognized the need for a preventative approach to prioritize first responders’ mental health. During his presentation and on their website, Gordon passionately expressed his commitment to supporting public servants and their families through various means. Revital Colorado provides a safe space where first responders can engage in activities and share experiences and traumas with colleagues who truly understand the unique challenges of their job. Their ultimate goal is to enable first responders to be more present with their families and better equipped to perform their duties at a higher level. Gordon was very passionate about sharing his belief that fostering community and connection is a crucial way to support the mental health and well-being of our dedicated first responders.