The title for this week's vignette is community support.  And from the beginning back in the late 1950s this small community of Broomfield came together to not be just a development of individual houses, but a community of families, friends and businesses. Mostly young families with little money to spare, but by working together, as we do in Rotary it was able to grow into a strong and giving community city.
With generous financial backing, Bal Swan helped open the new Bal Swan School to serve the needs of the special needs children in Broomfield.  First located at the corner of 8th and Kohl , volunteers gave of their time under the direction of Marlene Putnam for this fledgling school.  In talking about the Bal Swan school, a wonderful friend of mine, Jan Tecklenburg, daughter of our own Joe Mazzola, (a deceased member of our Rotary Club).    She shared, she and her girl scout troop went once a week after school to read and play with the children.
Needing more room for this expanding school, they built near Northmoor Park.  Originally this land was set aside for a hospital.  Many fund-raising events were held to build these new facilities.  If any of you are missing, getting dressed in white tails and gown for the ladies, the Bal Swan school hold a ball each year.
Broomfield has had some wonderful people who gave of their heart.  One I would like to recognize is Frank Gray.  He taught in June High and was the wrestling coach.  Summers he managed the swim and tennis club on Main Street.  I know he must have taught about two generation of Broomfield kids to swim and dive and compete.
Once or twice a week, the little ones from Bal Swan would be brought to the pool.  I was there many of those days ass my boys were in swim lessons.   
The Bal Swan teacher would hand a toddler to him, this large, well-proportioned man, tanned, a previous army Sargent, would gently cradle this frightened being, who may have never experienced the sensation of water.  Dripping water on the child's back whimpering and shivering, Frank's   soothing voice, would calm them down until a smile crossed their face. It was one of those time when you knew an angel had touched this hurried earth that day.  
So, with a new library named after a Presidents wife, a community supported ambulance, an outdoor pool funded by the citizens, the Bal Swan School for our special needs citizens, a grocery store and police department in the basement of Empire Savings and Loan Broomfield with maybe 3,000 people began to spread its wings.
If there are old timers who remember things, please join in.  Next week a little history and hysteria on Rocky Flats
I'm off to Salt Lake to attend the retirement ceremony for my friend retiring at 59, a Colonel in the Army.  I'm honored to be included.
Enjoy the last days of summer.