Real Stories
"People of Action"
On May 18, 2024, Rotarians from Colorado and Wyoming united to volunteer for local service projects. Their goal was to mobilize 100,000 volunteers to take actions that would foster significant change in the world. The event saw participation from Rotarians across eight states and three countries. Since the first Rotary Day of Service two years ago, more than 14,000 volunteers have engaged in over 450 community service projects, ranging from park revitalization to building shelters for the homeless and repairing community centers.

Redd Upton played a pivotal role in organizing the Broomfield Rotary Club's involvement. Our club members collaborated with the Westminster Rotary Club and Broomfield Crossing Rotary to support the Bal Swan Children's Center in Broomfield. Their efforts included site clean-up, painting playful designs, and constructing play yard tunnels for the preschoolers.
Bal Swan Children’s Center is a preschool located in Broomfield, Colorado. Established in 1963, it serves as a nurturing and inclusive learning community for children and families.
On Thursday, May 23; Christine Meek presented a series of neurotic exercises designed to stimulate the brain, keep us mentally sharp, prevent memory loss, and improve our mood as we age. During the session, she guided us through exercises using our non-dominant hand, as well as physical movements like rotating our right ankle in a clockwise motion and air-drawing the number 6 with our right finger. She also suggested several other activities to practice on our own:
  • Try going home using a different route than the one you took to get here. 
  • When at the grocery store, explore the aisles in a different pattern.
  • Drive home with the windows rolled down.
  • Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand.
  • Get dressed with your eyes closed.
  • Memorize a poem, Bible verse, or song lyrics.
All of this was quite entertaining as fellow Rotarians attempted to balance on one leg while rotating the other. But the most entertaining part of the evening was watching Christine’s efforts to keep Paul Derda in check.
Christine, a Medicare insurance broker, aids individuals in understanding their Medicare choices, making the process more manageable for them. With her expertise in Business Administration and Education, she provides information to assist people in making informed decisions about Medicare.

Dave Stewart, (Our Presenter on 4/18/24) is the owner and president of Stewart Environmental Consulting Group, LLC. from the city of Fort Collins, Stewart possesses a doctorate in environmental engineering from Colorado State University, showcasing his expertise in the field. With an extensive career spanning across the nation, he has dedicated his efforts to various water-related projects. Furthermore, his involvement in the Fort Collins Water Board and active membership in the Rotary Club exemplify his commitment to community engagement.
In the captivating YouTube video, it covered the pressing issues that plague the Colorado River. It delves into the scarcity of water within the river, the vast range of uses it serves, and the potential solutions to mitigate these challenges. Dave's comprehensive analysis meticulously explores the multifaceted effects that proposed solutions may have. It is undeniable that certain uses will need to be curtailed, necessitating increased conservation efforts and innovative strategies.
The success of Dave's presentation was evident in the substantial attendance and the enthusiastic participation of the audience. His profound insights sparked numerous inquiries from those present, further highlighting the impact of his expertise. 
The video concludes with the suggestion that Rotary’s 4-Way Test can provide a framework for arriving at the compromises that will be necessary.
During Thursday's club meeting we enjoyed a presentation by Richelle Force, the author of a book about a pioneering Ester Park photographer, Fred Payne Clatworthy, whose work was featured in National Geographic in the early 1900s. Upon meeting the photographer’s daughter, she discovered what she calls “a book waiting to be written”. Richelle is a former newspaper reporter, editor, college English instructor, and volunteer reading tutor. She and her husband, Dave live in a retirement community in Westminster, where she writes for the monthly newspaper and provides music for Sunday evening Vespers services.
Melissa Tumblin was presented a check from Broomfield Rotary for her non-profit Ear Community which helps families with ear and hearing challenges. The check included 2500 dollars from the Broomfield Club and 2100 dollars from a matching grant from Rotary District 5450.  Melissa presented an interesting capsule of the Ear Community’s accomplishments over the past 14 years. The Ear Community has had interactions with over 20,00 people and have provided needed equipment and scholarships to those affected by this impairment throughout the world. The Ear Community has had impact in many countries across the world including North and South America, Europe, South Africa, Asia and Australia. Mellissa’s daughter Ally was the motivator for the non-profit and the Ear Community has made an impressive impact in support of those affected by the condition.
On Monday, March 18, 2024, Broomfield High School resumed its Super Kids Program. Established over 10 years ago, this program aims to recognize students who quietly impact the school with their positive influence. Faculty and staff at Broomfield High School nominate these exceptional students for awards. It is essential for all of us to acknowledge their special efforts and achievements. We wholeheartedly salute these students for their cooperation, desire, hard work, and leadership. It was with great pride that they were recognized by Broomfield Rotary and the Staff at Broomfield High School.