Broomfield Rotary


On March 22, 1958, The Broomfield Rotary Club was Admitted into the Rotary International Family With an Active Membership of Twenty-six Charter Members:

John W. Berg,
Dale N. Bridgewater,
John J. Brosius,
George A. Cathy,
Theodore F. Damme,
Harold D. Ferguson,
Charles K. Gibson,
Josef  C. Hallback,
Marvin G. Schnell,
Earnest McCulluch,
Don Milliman,
Louis A. Miller,
Albert E. Morr,
James O. Mullen,
Leon Rasmussen,
Kenneth A. Pearson,
Jerry Russell,
Donald Schray,
Gene L. Shaw,
John R. Shaw,
Joseph R. Sullivan,
Merle Swank,
Victor C. Thomas,
James R. Van Buskirk,
William M. Wilson,
Raymond T. Yosten.
The first Club Officers
James R. Vanbuskerk took the office as president of the new Rotary Club. 
Merle Swank served as vice-president, Raymond T. Yosten became secretary/treasure and Theodore Damme acted as Sergeant-at Arms.
The first Board of Directors
The Board of Directors were Jim Van Buskirk, Merle Swank, Louis Miller, Leon Rasmussen and John Berg. 
Finding a Meeting Place in Their Small Community Proved to be the First Challenge.
During its early years, Broomfield Rotary struggled finding a home.  The Club’s first weekly meetings were on Tuesday evenings, at the ‘Ye Olde Lantern Still, a local landmark on the south side of 120th. Other local taverns and meeting halls included the Rendezvous, the Oasis Café, Mary’s Café (Great Scotts Eatery), the Manor Motel dining room, the Miramonte Club, the Elks Club, Ball Brothers Facility, Humphrey’s Restaurant, Eagle Trace Golf Course (The Broomfield Country Club), and the Ranch Country Club

In 1987, Rotary International Opened its Membership to Women

Broomfield Rotary Club welcomed the change immediately and began recruiting business women.  These new members added a different perspective on many issues and contributed greatly to the success of projects undertaken by Broomfield Rotary.

Early Fundraising

In the beginning, Broomfield Rotary did not engage in fundraising projects.  As a town of small families, Broomfield could not support large fund-raising events.  If the club found a project they felt deserved funding, the members contributed directly to the funds needed.  Instead, the Rotary Club offered social interaction to its members and friends in the community.
Over the years, the Rotary International Student Exchange Program became the project most enthusiastically supported by the local membership.  Broomfield graduates were sponsored by Broomfield Rotary and had the opportunity to live with families in foreign countries for one year.  In return, Broomfield High School welcomed Rotary Exchange students from all over the world.  These exchanges proved of great value to the local kids.
First Big Fundraising Event
During 1998 and 1999, the Broomfield Rotary Club held their first big fund-raising events.  Don Bolich chaired the committee that hosted wine tasting and art auction parties attended by both Rotarians and community residents. 
Both events were very successful in raising funds that were used for charitable projects in Broomfield.  These wine tasting/art auction evenings were the precursors of the more elaborate Odyssey fund-raising parties that began in 2000.
In 2004, Broomfield Rotary sponsored the first annual charity golf tournament benefiting Broomfield Police Officers and North Metro Fire Fighters and their families when a police officer or fire fighter is injured or killed in the line of duty.  This even has remained popular to this day.

Broomfield Rotary continues to grow and help others.