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Offered by: Gerry Case

Andy Lenec, a Ukrainian American, and his wife Joan, who visited and presented a program to us recently, came back to offer us some insight into what is happening in Ukraine. When Andy was here previously he spoke about his experiences in Ukraine in the US Peace Corps and about taking a group of 10 college-aged men and women to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards conference in Ukraine with the goal of perfecting skills in leadership, volunteerism, communication, conflict resolution, and team building.  

If there is more that you’d like to do to help Ukraine please go to: and read their story about working with Project Cure to get medical supplies, equipment, and services to doctors and nurses to help the people in Ukraine.  Their daughter is on Facebook raising funds to help Ukraine with the awful situation that is occurring over there right now.  Her name is Alana Maria Schmidt…put her name into the search bar on Facebook and take a look at her page on the plight of Ukraine and feel free to help out there, too, if you are so moved (it would obviously be very much appreciated).