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Pete Snyder invited the CASA (Court Approved Special Advocates) folks to come to our August 25th meeting and tell us more about their organization.  They asked Pete to join them for the presentation and he proved to be the icing on the cake.  Abbie Foley, Associate Development Director, and Paige, Outlook and Recruitment Coordinator told us about the role in a troubled kid’s life that is filled by CASA volunteers. 

When the winds of chaos visit kids with problems the CASA people, the CASA volunteers and the Courts combine their talents to work out an equitable situation so that the kids can hopefully return to a functioning life.  There are 1300 CASA qualified kiddos in this district and only about 650 volunteers, so they are looking for more volunteers. 

Pete told us about the kids that he has worked with and the successes that have changed the kids lives for the better.  He explained that some kiddos require more time (to build friendships, trust and relationships) with the kids than others. 

We left the Rotary meeting with a warm feeling that some kids who would have fallen to the wayside were ‘rescued’ and went on to experience a more normal life than would have been possible before.

Our hats are off to these fine folks!!! 

For more information about CASA – please click here!