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April 1st Easter

April 8th
Tracey and Cory A, Bill U, Bob Edmonson©, Tore A, Steve Carlson, Bob Sauer, Howard and Judy shuster

April 15th
John and Marian Abboud, Tom M, Tom G© lew and Amy Moir, Paul Derda, Larry and Mary Haas

April 22
John and Marian Abboud, John O , Bob Hoyle © , Glen Hoff, Dave Shinneman, Jim Richards, Lauren R, Rick Simmons

April 29
John O , Pete and Linda Snyder, Jeff Carlson ©, Bob Davis, Lou Ann, Larry and Julie Kauffman, Steve Carlson

May 6
John and Marian A, Tom M , Connie R©, bob sauer, Gary Francis, Kurt and Julie Sava

May 13
Tracey, Bill U, Pete Snyder, Bob E ©, Lew & Amy Moir, Clark Greip Dave Manley, Lauren R

May 20
John O, Tom M, Bob Hoyle ©, Tom Deland , Paul Derda, Rick Bishop, Tore A, Tony and Tamara Stubbs

May 27 Memorial Weekend
John and Marian A, John O, Tom G ©, Tony and Tamara Stubbs, Larry and Mary Haas

June 3
Tom M, Bill U , Pete, Jeff Carlson © needs switched, Bob Sauer, Mark and Jacque Russell, Steve Carlson, Jim Richards

June 10
John O, Tracey, connie R ©,Bob Davis, Dave Shinneman, Glen Hoff, Clark G, NEED 2

June 17
John and Marian A, Pete and Linda Snyder, Bob H©, Kurt & Julie Sava, Howard and Judy Shuster

June 24
John and Marian A, Bill U, Bob E ©, Gary Francis, Dave Manley, Lou ann, Mark and Jacque Russell

Kim out April-June
John A: out april 1st and July 1st
Tracey: Out April 8th, May 27th, June 3, 17, 24, July 1-22nd.
Pete: out Mar 30-April 23, may 20-27